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Geologists use the concept of the rock cycle to illustrate how rocks are born, and then are transformed by their journeys through the Earth, only to be recycled into new rocks all over again. Along the way, we get some amazing specimens of stone to enjoy, each one revealing telltale signs of its geologic past. read more

Mother Nature has a strange way of uniting communities sometimes. When Hurricane Matthew cut off power across Raleigh, North Carolina, Jordan Luongo wasn’t sure how her wedding guests were going to make it to her wedding reception on October 8. read more

For one man, rocks have become a cash crop. Gerald Croteau grew up around the stone walls that are so popular on farms throughout the Northeast. He claims there are more miles of stone walls in New England than miles between the Earth to the moon. While farmers harvest produce or let their animals graze on the fields, Croteau and his team are busy searching for field stones, ripe for the picking, to make into food slabs, bowls, and coasters… read more

Stone in Mobile Homes

Gone are the days when a homeowner or entertainer would have to abandon the creature comforts of home when on the road. Today’s nomads and their interior designers are cleverly incorporating natural stone elements into motorhomes and RVs to surprisingly successful and luxurious results… Read More

Stone in the Shower

When it comes to beauty, few building materials can compete with natural stone. One-of-a-kind markings, dramatic colors, and rich finishes make it a popular choice, especially in bathrooms where it can transform a utilitarian space into a spa-like retreat… Read More

The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) search for a new home came to a close in 2013 when they moved into a distinctive, postmodern building on the Johns Hopkins Campus in Rockville, Maryland. The building features a handsome front facade partially clad in Kodiak Brown granite. Twin 7-story towers connected by a hyphen-like glass lobby frame the resulting design… read more