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Rock On!

Natural stone is one element that will add to the richness of any space and can help create an important visceral reaction; I believe that this is due to the connected or rooted feeling that natural products arouse in us as human beings… Read More

The Healing Elements of Natural Stone

“Any garden is healing and research proves it to be so,” and a landscape architect who creates landscapes and gardens of meaning for residential clients, healthcare facilities, and unique special projects. “It has been my experience, however, that deep transformative experiences can be facilitated in gardens designed specifically for healthcare settings.”…. Read More

What’s Your Stone Personality?

As you wander down the aisle you pause to absorb the differences in each slab. Some are bright and sparkly, while others are gritty and moody. Some are sleek and serene, and others are vibrant and full of life. The idea of shopping for your countertop had sounded fun and easy, but now you realize this is going to be a tough choice…. Read More

Creative Reclamation

In warm weather, hundreds of visitors flock to the 684-acre Quarry Park and Nature Preserve every day during peak weeks to enjoy the beauty and respite found inside the park….. Read More

Thin Stone Veneer

Looking for materials that are beautiful, durable and versatile in their use for a large variety of exterior applications? Natural thin stone veneer might be an affordable choice…. Read More

Pete the Miner’s Sunrise Mine Enterprises

In 1993, Pete Incardona, after concluding a movie role with Steven Seagal, first imagined a gallery that featured hand-carved stone and historic mining artifacts. By 1994, that vision would finally take shape as Sunrise Mine Enterprises… Read More