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The schoolroom blackboard was a proving ground of our formative years. When we were called to the front of the class to perform long division or diagram a sentence, we gazed into the smooth, black void of the slate blackboard, hoping for a glimmer of divine more

Spring has officially arrived, as has the busy real estate season. First impressions count if you have your house on the market. Even if you’re not selling your home, you might be wondering what updates or upgrades will increase the value of your home.

Homeowners might pause at the cost of natural stone compared to other materials. What they don’t always consider is that not only does natural stone add more value to a home, its longevity is unmatched. Our experts share how stone can boost your home’s value at any more

A backyard pool is a personal retreat where you can relax and unwind under the sun. You can enhance the experience and create a natural oasis by using natural stone on your pool deck, surround, and coping.

“People are realizing that they have a goldmine in their backyard if they can develop it,” says Jan Johnsen, owner of Johnsen Landscape & Pools in Westchester County, New York. “Natural stone is one of the best ways to create a wonderful setting.” read more

A light industrial area of downtown Topeka was targeted for a new minor league baseball stadium. There were 22 different proposals for the stadium, all designed by fourth-year architectural students in a long-running collaboration between Kansas State University and U.S. Stone Industries in more

Compare and contrast features of the countertop surfaces available in today’s market. With so many possibilities to choose from, it’s hard to know which options you should consider. Think about your budget, your design taste and how your family will use your kitchen before making your decision. read more

If you are looking for a sustainable material to specify in a project that will save money, time, and resources over the long-term, then natural stone should be your material of choice. Due to stone’s wide variety of aesthetics, durability, recyclability, low maintenance, and regional availability, there is no project that stone cannot enhance. These inherent qualities and characteristics make specifying stone an easy choice for meeting many sustainability requirements, including those in the LEED Rating System or Living Building Challenge. read more

When Tamara Wills, owner of Allyu Spa in Chicago, decided to open the doors of her spa almost a decade ago, her intention was to create an inviting space for guests to connect with their bodies. First order of business: to transform the industrial space at in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Natural stone plays a big role in many spa designs, but Wills took it one step further by using it as a focal point and creating a transitional piece to bring the organic and industrial feel of the space into harmony. read more

If you are in the stone industry, you know about all the uses and applications of natural thin stone veneer. If you’re not in the industry or the construction field, then there is probably a lot you don’t know. For those of you who are not familiar with natural thin stone veneer, here is a quick introduction. read more