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New York Bluestone

When a trained architect was looking for a beautiful landscape on the West Coast to build a vacation home for his family, he looked no further than… Read More

Why Landscape Architects Love Natural Stone

Natural stone is durable, readily available, and comes in a variety of textures and colors. No wonder it’s considered a darling among landscape architects and designers. For these reasons, and more, they often turn to natural stone when creating their designs, even when they have a wide range of materials at their disposal to use… Read More

Two-Tone Solution: Mixing Natural Stone

Using contrasting colors and two different types of stone in the same kitchen may seem unconventional, but it’s actually an attractive trend that is growing in popularity. Read More

A Moment in Time

One of the exciting things about natural stone is that you bring a unique part of geologic time right into your home… Read More

Making Stone Work

The idea of installing new stone countertops is usually thrilling—and sometimes a bit scary…  Read More

Forging a Path Using Natural Stone

Whether it meanders through your garden or leads guests in a beeline to your front door, a natural stone pathway forms an eloquent bridge between a home and its surroundings.  Read More