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Stone in Mobile Homes

Gone are the days when a homeowner or entertainer would have to abandon the creature comforts of home when on the road. Today’s nomads and their interior designers are cleverly incorporating natural stone elements into motorhomes and RVs to surprisingly successful and luxurious results… Read More

Ever thought of creating a stone garden or adding natural stone to your landscape? There’s nothing more complementary to the foliage, vegetation, and blooms of a garden than natural stone. That’s why we’ve sat on stone park benches since time immortal. Those stone benches provide a sense of place and connect us to nature. The irregular, interesting shapes and colors of natural stone can also add charm, whimsy, or elegance to your garden… Read More

About 10 years ago, officials with the city of Leawood, Kansas, began noticing problems with some of the city’s commercial buildings. Facades were chipping, others fading. And the problems were occurring in buildings only a couple of years old… Read More

Stone in the Shower

When it comes to beauty, few building materials can compete with natural stone. One-of-a-kind markings, dramatic colors, and rich finishes make it a popular choice, especially in bathrooms where it can transform a utilitarian space into a spa-like retreat… Read More

Rock On!

Natural stone is one element that will add to the richness of any space and can help create an important visceral reaction; I believe that this is due to the connected or rooted feeling that natural products arouse in us as human beings… Read More

The Healing Elements of Natural Stone

“Any garden is healing and research proves it to be so,” and a landscape architect who creates landscapes and gardens of meaning for residential clients, healthcare facilities, and unique special projects. “It has been my experience, however, that deep transformative experiences can be facilitated in gardens designed specifically for healthcare settings.”…. Read More